Zarsion Inherit Mansion

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Other Interior Designs
  • Company/Firm
    G&K Architecture Design
  • Lead Designer
    Grace Kwai
  • Location
    Luoyang, China
  • Client
    Luoyang Zarsion Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • Project Date
    September, 2021

A large amount of blank space, clean lines, and restrained decoration outline the contemporary life aesthetics of nature's course and unification. There are the flow of emotions, the change of time, the feelings of life, and the unique oriental aesthetic awareness used to sort out the connection between people, objects, and space. Walking in the quiet natural light at the reception hall, the intriguing light and shadow changes sculpt the beauty of the building. Clued with modern concepts, the reception hall with flowing light and shadow is like a lighthouse that guides the direction of the home. The scale has left enough room for the blending of architecture and art. In the negotiation area, the interior is wrapped in different shades of light gray, where the light pours in from multiple angles, creating a more upscale, elegant, and pure space atmosphere, presenting a home-like art space that takes into account modern aesthetics and spiritual strength. A large area of the cupboard in the water bar area creates a sense of order in a good life. The design also presents the aesthetics of oriental living, achieving a balance between the ink painting poetic sense and oriental etiquette.