• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Other Interior Designs
  • Company/Firm
    Harmony World Consultant & Design
  • Lead Designer
    Jiabei Dong
  • Design Team
    Xiaopeng Li
  • Project Date

Nanjing Glorius Moment Sales Centre seeks a fashionable and modern environment with detail and quality for targeted visitors, full of vitality and pursuing a healthy and natural life philosophy. It locates in Nanjing, a prefecture-level city under Jiangsu Province. The designers absorb the concept of fashion and nature and integrate those ideas into the space.
Entering the project, marble with rich patterns at reception gives a luxurious and elegant impression. The different color and texture combinations in the lobby demonstrate the activeness and the youthful energy, as the color green and orange give a natural tone to the atmosphere and works as a highlight. Visitors can also perceive a dynamic and pleasant experience brought by space art. The rainbow-colored line art creates a rich and romantic indoor scenery. This installation is also like the lead of time, weaving the long river of human history. The Barcelona chair is an iconic Bauhaus furniture. It symbolizes the perfect unity of modern art, craft, and technology. The liveness of the space exists in various contemporary art forms, continually extracting, evolving, and innovating.