Private Jet Terminal of Minsk airport

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Public Building
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Pier Maria Giordani, Chen Zhen
  • Design Team
    Francesco Quadrelli, Giulio Viglioli, Marija Milenkoskam Andrea Longhi
  • Architect
  • Interior Designer
  • Const. Company
    Minsk FBO
  • Photo Credit
    Pier Maria Giordani e Zhen Chen
  • Location
    220076, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, st. Francis Skaryna, house 21, building 1
  • Client
    Minsk FBO
  • Project Date

The project is to create the window of Belarus. This is the gateway of travel and communication for international elites. Here, people start to feel Belarus, and here, people have the last look back on Belarus before their return.
The Interior design project for the new private jet terminal of Minsk covers reception hall, lounge, bar, meeting room, toilet, roof floor corridor and VIP saloon.
We used contemporary design language to present the space with a relaxed and elegant quality.
The Interior design is characterized by the creation of a highly suggestive entrance hall. The scenography of the entrance wall, behind the reception, expands in its plasticity throughout the surrounding environment, creating a new and impressive result.
From the big staircase in the middle of the lobby, the brass balustrades extend to the division circle inside the lounge of above floor, bringing a unified character to the whole space and a hint of the metallic atmosphere of the aeronautical machine.
The large main hall is lit from above by a large globe built with brass profiles like the large spiral staircase in the center of the hall. Exactly perpendicular to the globe, the wind rose is drawn with