Black Rock Bar

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Hospitality: Bar and Restaurant
  • Company/Firm
    hcreates interior design
  • Lead Designer
    Hannah Churchill
  • Design Team
    Alex Davies, Yicheng Zeng
  • Interior Designer
    hcreates interior design
  • Photo Credit
    Brian Chua, Graeme kennedy
  • Location
    41 Fumin Road, Shanghai China
  • Client
    Black Rock
  • Project Date
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Black Rock is a Whisky lover's nirvana. Originating from London, bringing flavor to the forefront and helping people discover Whisky in a new way. We worked with the Shanghai team to convert an unassuming corner site on the popular Fumin Road in downtown Shanghai. A simple black façade with strips of filtered light marking the doorway, Black Rock subtly welcomes you in. A project of contrasts: light and dark, smooth and rough. The space balances the classic with the current to create a uniquely accessible experience.
The centerpiece of the space is their huge, tree trunk table, with two Whisky aging channels dug into the two-ton imported Erima log, from Papua New Guinea. The glass-covered channels are lined with American Oak on the left and French Limousin Oak on the right, each holding 21L of whiskey, which is served straight from the pouring taps at the end of the trunk.
The space is moody and dark, with a soft, amber glow playing on the liquid’s color. Brass detailing, leather finishes and custom lighting create an elevated look while still maintaining a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.