DOM restaurant

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Hospitality: Bar and Restaurant
  • Company/Firm
    Megre Interiors
  • Lead Designer
    Yuna Megre
  • Interior Designer
    Megre Interiors
  • Location
    Khabarovsk, Kalinin str. 72
  • Client
    RAKUSA group

MEGRE INTERIORS Director Yuna Megre used her signature Torn Open Kitchen approach to eliminate the separation between guests and the kitchen, immerse everyone in the cooking process, giving chefs a central place. An impressive wood-burning stove in the shape of an antique stove sits in the center of this open kitchen, offering 360-degree views of the dining room. The kitchen pays homage to the Russian heritage with the help of a daub, a traditional plaster technique on all its surfaces.
The guest areas are arranged around the kitchen, starting with the impressive guest area, followed on the right by the main dining area topped by a fireplace, followed by the VIP lounge and ending with a green conservatory on the left.
Most of the elements for this project were custom-made by craftsmen from Khabarovsk and throughout Russia. Transparent epoxy resin tables with real wildflowers inside, a constellation of Field of Flowers lamps, handmade plates with local herbs, a beehive-style stove shape and lighting elements are just some of MEGRE INTERIORS' custom-made creations for this project. Everything here is handmade, hand-picked and created with love. Love of home.