• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Hospitality: Bar and Restaurant
  • Company/Firm
    Johannes Torpe Studios Denmark ApS
  • Lead Designer
    Johannes Torpe
  • Design Team
    Magdalena Kotfis, Suguru Kobayashi, Ariana Szmedra, Aibolot Makenov, Silke Xenia Juul
  • Interior Designer
    Johannes Torpe Studios Denmark ApS
  • Photo Credit
    Alastair Philip Wiper
  • Location
    Ny Østergade 24, 1101 Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Client
    Copenhagen Concepts
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

Restaurant Levi is a daring and lively space that offers its guests and visitors an immersive, sensory experience, expanding beyond the plate. Levi was born from the love of the Italian grappa master Romano Levi, whose passion and attention to detail continues to be unmatched. Romano Levi combined incredible grappa with poetic design, a direction to which Restaurant Levi pays tribute. The total development of Restaurant Levi, from cutlery to concept, is the product of a creative collaboration between restaurateurs Copenhagen Concepts and designers Johannes Torpe Studios, ensuring coherence and depth in concept and detail. The cuisine builds on traditions of both Japanese and Italian kitchens transforming simple, high-quality, seasonal produce into spectacular, honest and flavourful meals. The interior design mirrors that; taking materials such as wood, textile and stone and combining them to create an atmosphere that allows people to step into a joyful and sensory space. The secret behind achieving such an effect is opposing grounding, natural elements with exciting, bold and chaotic ones, creating spatial tension and an ambience of anticipation— a type of spatial effervescence.

At Johannes Torpe Studios, we believe in inter-disciplinary teamwork, combining multiple areas of expertise to engage in holistic design. We do not have a signature style, but a signature approach; our primary focus is on creating experiences through storytelling, building products and moments for our clients and users- both physically and emotionally. We dive deep into the core of our client’s brand and delve in to their visions, goals and DNA to create design solutions with a purpose.

Other prizes
Architzer A+AWARDS 2019 - ´Special Mention´ - United Cycling LAB & Store. D&AD Awards 2019 - ´Wood Pencil Winner´ - United Cycling LAB & Store. Frame Award 2019 - ´Multi-Brand Store of the Year´ - United Cycling LAB & Store. Architecture Masterprice 2019 - ´Honorable Mention´ - United Cycling LAB & Store. Global Architecture & Design Awards 2018 - ´Winner´ - The Red Mountain Resort.