Spanish Pavilion Exhibition

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Exhibition / Gallery
  • Company/Firm
    External Reference
  • Lead Designer
    Carmelo Zappulla
  • Interior Designer
    External Reference
  • Photographer Credit
    Adrià Goula
  • Location
    Sidr Avenue - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • Client
  • Project Date
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The Spanish exhibition is centered on the relationship between sustainability and collective intelligence.
We transformed these concepts into an experiential didactic journey, breaking the boundaries between design, art, and digital tools.

Visitors enter the pavilion through the ground floor which consists of a cluster of open plazas where a series of installations take place. We synthesize some of the most relevant contributions of Spanish culture to the World and highlight its relationship with the Arab culture.

Finally, they find a techno-forest, that we see as a laboratory of the future, in other words, a high-tech forest that will be called “Bosque de la Inteligencia”. The trees of the forest have been manufactured by 3D printing PLA, a bioplastic polymer, mixed with a natural mineral compound that has the property of capturing and mineralizing some of the main gases of the greenhouse effect and pollutants. This landscape is capable of producing oxygen and food through photosynthesis, thanks to the use of a series of photo-bioreactors. Micro-algae increase oxygen levels, reduce global warming and can prevent the consequences of climate change in the future.

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