• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Exhibition / Gallery
  • Company/Firm
    Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Zhang Li
  • Design Team
    Chen Meng, Yang Si Bei
  • Location
    Shanghai, China
  • Client
  • Project Date

The title of this art gallery space, “Nebula,” symbolizes the infinite prosperity that goes far away and beyond. Just as the essence of literary gathering in history, what matters the most in this design is the casualness, the conciseness, the comfort and serenity generated during the process. Thus, different shades of colors are applied to create a peaceful stillness.

The whole space is neat and concise with selective and delicate texture, which offers mildness and gentleness in the space. Through a combination of wooden material and copper imitation stainless steel, variable multilayers are created. The introduction of Chen Qi’s work Code of Nature depicts the lively aesthetics of ripples to slow down the pace of the surroundings. The charm of Zen is expanded through integration of lighting and variable substances.

Calligrapher Yang Xiaojian is an innovator in modern Chinese calligraphy. His bold application of Western abstract expressionism gives a new life to traditional Chinese calligraphy. The ink and wash elements of his novelty echo perfectly with the minimalist interior style.

Shanghai Face Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd (founded in 2006), is a growth and thinking company formed by a passionate young team. The company has strong cohesiveness and centripetality, has a good professional value and service awareness, and can look at the overall situation. Analyze and think about problems from the perspective of development, accurately grasp the market positioning, guide the design with global awareness, and enhance the value of products with design quality, so as to achieve “development and design concepts”.