• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Others architectural projects
  • University
    The University of Jordan
  • Lead Designer
    Bushra Ateyyeh
  • Location
    Amman, Jordan

Ecotone is a prototype for food production in urban areas, which enables the development of a local, sustainable, and resilient food system that integrates the latest technologies to make urban farming a more productive and engaging process.
The design process was based on the exploration of the relationship between human and non-human entities from a post-humanistic perspective, which does not completely exclude Anthropocene, but rather surpasses it.
The project offers different methods of urban farming:
1. U-Pick Farm. Uses the traditional way of planting in soil.
2. The Grow Room. Uses hydroponics which involves growing plants without soil by using water based mineral nutrient solutions. And it saves between 70-90% of water.
3. The Farm Pods. A mobile prefabricated kinetic pod that moves continuously to maintain optimum growing conditions for the crops inside the pod. Uses aeroponics which is a method of growing plants in an air or mist environment. It can reduce water usage by 98%.
The project also aims to redevelop and revive the brownfields of Amman to create breathing spaces within the existing fabric of the city.