• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Urban planning: large integrated projects
  • University
    Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Lead Designer
    Chun Te( David ) Lee
  • Design Team
    Chao-Chun Kung/Pei-chi Tsai / Michael Lin
  • Interior Designer
    Chao-Chun Kung
  • Location
    Taiwan, Taichung

“Reforest Union” is located in The First Square in Taichung City, Taiwan. Adjacent to Taichung Main Railway Station, it was once the main social area of Southeast Asian cultural communities. Thus, multicultural integration had become our goal of design.
Nowadays, Taiwan accepts more southeast culture and embraces the worker to our community. This place is be the best spot for Taiwanese to step foot into their culture and get to blend the life style through the area.
This area has been the center of the city since twenty years ago. However, it's faded because of the shifting of main commercial blocks. Now this area plays the role of a multicultural region and a bridge between the railway and the main commercial center, while no good balance is found between urban exhibition, transportation, public space and life quality until now.
Besides, air pollution is just like a synonymous with this city. Due to the establishment of Thermal power station and people's traffic habits, air pollution has become the main environmental problem in this city. Through this design to achieve a balance and connection between multiculturalism, the environment and human, and the past and the future.