Chengdu Tianfu City Planning Hall

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Cultural
  • Company/Firm
    AND Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Ning Wang
  • Design Team
    Qinyi Li, Tien, Yutong Ma, Xin Sui
  • Architect
    AND Studio
  • Lighting Designer
    CSCEC AECOM Consultants Co., Ltd
  • Const. Company
    CSCEC AECOM Consultants Co., Ltd
  • Photographer Credit
    Arch-Exist Photography
  • Location
    Chengdu, China
  • Client
    Tianfu Investment Group Co.,Ltd
  • Project Date

Relying on the bamboo culture of Sichuan and considering the relationship between local ecology and the city and its architecture, the building is lightly perched on top of a hill, as if growing out of its native natural environment.
The overall form of Chengdu Tianfu City Planning Hall resembles a flying goose landing on a wetland hill. The large overhanging eaves with cross members hanging around the façade are made of local bamboo and steel. The glass curtain blurs the boundary between the building and nature. The roof shape adopts the design concept of the 'feather of the goose', which looks like the unfurled arms of a flying goose, and the slender eaves of the roof highlight the momentum of taking off into the wind. The natural, harmonious and unique façade is created through the variation of the holes of the wooden bamboo and steel elements. The atrium is designed with a patio to bring in natural light inside. The bamboo landscape design is a respect of local environment. The combination of aluminum roof material and the wooden bamboo adds more charm to the building.