Brazilian Pavilion for Expo Osaka 2025

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Cultural
  • Company/Firm
    Studio Mk27
  • Lead Designer
    Marcio Kogan, Renata Furlanetto
  • Design Team
    Marcelo Dantas and Tarsila Riso (art curators)
  • Architect
    Studio MK27
  • Interior Designer
    Diana Radomysler, Pedro Ribeiro (Studio mk27)
  • Photographer Credit
    Blackhaus Studio (renderings)
  • Location
    Osaka, Japan
  • Client
  • Project Date

The Brazil pavilion projects a subtle shade over Osakan soil. Throughout its three floors, the pavilion approaches water as the source of life by means of the Flying Rivers: dense clouds filled with water that fly above Brazilian territory.
The volume stands as a canopy suspended by porticos that draws a memorable curve in the horizon. Within it, a solid central nucleus surrounded by a metallic curtain composed of a fluid weave that moves with the wind and serves as a screen to the outside world.
A fold in the curtain reveals the inside of the pavilion to the public. Inside this ample double height space permeated by fresh vapor, a hermetic volume hangs beneath a cloud, supported by two elements: a translucid box and a tunnel, reflective and profound.
The tunnel leads to the first immersive experience within the ramps that rise to the exhibition space above. On the rooftop, a sensory and immersive experience invites visitors for a walk on water: an artificial riverbed, over which the exhibition will be reflected. Beneath the canopy, a cloud of vapor forms, dense yet fleeting, as if it will pour the waters of the Amazon over Osakan soil.