Royal Harmony Hub

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Cai Zhenghui
  • Design Team
    Lu Zhicheng, Lin Zhaosheng, Feng Haitao, Lu Yingyan, Yu Linwei, Lei Junwei
  • Architect
  • Photographer Credit
    Chen Ming
  • Location
    Foshan, China
  • Client
    Foshan Shunde Junlan Sports Co., Ltd
  • Project Date
    September 25, 2020

The design is inspired by the moment when the golf ball gets hit and sets to provide a completely new analysis of the dynamic balance.”Incline, hit, change, twist, rotate, shift, curve, stabilize”.The curved surface from the continuous twist translates into the eternal sports spirit. The design showcases the unique charm of sports-featured building with dynamic rhythm and gentle curves.
With modernized facilities as well as the landscape resources, the design tries to put the building close to the nature, creating a comfortable, high-efficient,dignified, and warm temperament and giving visitors a better experience. With a natural waterway on one side of the site, it boasts superb natural environment. In addition, the enticing golf exhibition hall highlights the strong golf culture.
The facade design echoes the existing building at the south. In addition, the mix of big overhang, big platform, inclined pillar, curtain wall and other elements work together to give a comfortable experience, creating an eye-catching building.
The design was made with the help of Rhino and Grasshopper visual programming tools, while the construction was guided using 3D BIM modeling.