Thirty75 Tech

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Verse Design Los Angeles
  • Lead Designer
    Paul R. Tang & Courtenay Bauer
  • Design Team
    Yi-Hsiu Yeh, VDLA Mariliana Ramos, VDLA; Walter P. Moore; Glumac; SWA
  • Architect
    Verse Design Los Angeles
  • Lighting Designer
    HLB Lighting Design
  • Const. Company
    Truebeck Construction
  • Photographer Credit
    Tim Griffith Photography
  • Location
    Santa Clara, California, USA
  • Client
    MDY Properties Inc.
  • Project Date
    August 2022

At a busy intersection in Santa Clara, Thirty75 Tech nestles into its urban site creating a new public space against a backdrop of office parks & freeways.

The work explored the dialectic relationship between performance & expression in architecture; seeking an architectural response to the market demand of a Class-A office typically defined by “glazed facades” & an architectural narrative that embodies the technical agenda to increase energy efficiency by reducing heat gain, glare & limit artificial lighting.

The most notable outcome is an array of fixed aluminum louvers, generated through the synthesis of multiple competing requirements [performative, aesthetic, formal, physical]. This approach re-couples the façade strategically with both the performative & the practical, indexing the needs of the building against its performative requirements while acknowledging its place in both the tradition of architecture & the urban environment.

The animated façade is activated with time & light shifting throughout the day & as the viewer moves; memories erased & re-written by the hour. The design intentions become the definition of Architecture that is both performative & expressive.

We are a progressive firm that is committed to the creation of quality architecture and sensible design. Verse Design LA’s research-based design process drives spatial innovation that seeks design solutions from the origin of the design problem. We seek uncommon solutions within the common. Employing a multi-disciplinary approach to the making of architecture, our work is grounded in active social, environmental, and economic issues while aesthetically exploring the ideas of beauty, sustainability, cultural convention, and place.