Terra Lunaris

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    Winner in Architectural Design - Speculative and Visionary
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    Dirk Schumann
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The “Terra Lunaris” project is the third design concept to be developed by Schumanndesign Studio in the field of space architecture and technology.
The primary focus of the project is on the practical feasibility of creating a lunar habitat that takes up a minimum of transport space while offering maximum interior volume – i.e. living space – for the occupants.
By combining solid modular components with an inflatable shell structure, the inside volume available for use as habitable space is almost four times that of the transport volume.
The habitat comes already equipped with pre-installed interior elements, which fold out and make up around 90% of the interior. This therefore almost completely avoids the complex and costly task of fitting such elements after erection of the shell.
The interior layout of the habitat encompasses technical and research areas, communal spaces for the crew members, sleeping quarters, and an observation deck.
In the design of habitats of this kind, the technological requirements play a leading role. However, psychological factors are also a consideration of major importance as the team members find themselves in an extreme living environment possible.

Industrial Designer - Special Interest Space Technology

Other prizes
New York Design Award 2023 Paris Design Award 2022 Several Red Dot Awards including Best of the Best Several IF-Awards Gold Prize - Japan Design Foundation