Ilan & Asaf Ramon International Airport& Asaf Ramon International Airport

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Others architectural projects
  • Company/Firm
    Mann Shinar
  • Lead Designer
    Amir Mann
  • Architect
    Mann Shinar
  • Photographer Credit
    Hufton & Crow Ltd.
  • Location
    Timna, Israel
  • Client
    Israel Airports Authority
  • Project Date

The International Airport serving the southern city of Eilat on the Red Sea is Israel’s first civil airport built from scratch (“Greenfield”). This mega project ia also unique as all its master planning, architectural and engineering design was under the responsibility of an architect. It was managed by Architect Amir Mann of Mann-Shinar as the Head of Team, in collaboration with the office of Moshe Zur, and with a team of 45 engineering companies, including Arup Aviation and Case Technology on the luggage handling systems.

The airport features a 3,600 m long runway and taxiway, aprons and support structures, at the center of which is the Passenger Terminal, all designed for annual capacity of 4.5 million passengers. A futuristic desert mirage: the entire airport is unified under one total architectural language, its inspiration drawn from the minimalist yet awesome desert surrounding as well as the world of aviation and technology. The Terminal Building is a self shading volume, shaped by the movements of incoming and outgoing traffic, similar to the desert boulder shaped by the forces of nature. The 50 m high Air Control Tower (ACT) is designed similarly as a origami env