Ford Calumet Environmental Center

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Sustainable and Energy Saving
  • Company/Firm
    Valerio Dewalt Train
  • Lead Designer
    Joe Valerio
  • Design Team
    Tom Daly, Lauren Shelton, Matt Gamache, Joe Lawton, Jacob Goble, Allison Rokusek, Alex Raynor
  • Architect
    Valerio Dewalt Train
  • Interior Designer
    Valerio Dewalt Train
  • Photographer Credit
    Tom Harris
  • Location
    11555 South Stony Island Ave
  • Client
    Chicago Park District
  • Project Date
    June 2021
  • Project Link

The Ford Calumet Environmental Center at Big Marsh Park is part of a reclamation project to restore landscape damaged by slag. The LEED Silver accredited center aims to set a sustainable precedent where industry, nature and culture can safely coexist on the southwest side of Chicago.

With an exposed nail-laminated timber (NLT) structure, the building materials reinforce a focus on an environmentally responsive future. NLT is a renewable resource, wood can be grown locally, it’s effective at carbon sequestration, and requires less energy to produce than steel/concrete.

The Center is surrounded by wetlands that inspired the most sustainable feature. A constructed wastewater wetlands system—the first in Chicago—processes black water from the building and allows clean water to infiltrate back into the ecosystem.

Our team consulted with conservation organizations to employ a bird safe design. The hangar doors form a canopy, ensuring that birds flying overhead don’t see landscape reflected in the window.

The use of LED lighting, a highly efficient VRF system used for heating and cooling, and water efficient plumbing fixtures help the center significantly reduce energy consumption.

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