• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Sustainable and Energy Saving
  • Company/Firm
    CONIX RDBM Architects
  • Lead Designer
    Frederik Jacobs
  • Architect
    CONIX RDBM Architects
  • Interior Designer
    CONIX RDBM Architects
  • Const. Company
  • Photographer Credit
    CONIX RDBM Architects
  • Location
  • Client
    Whitewood + Immobel
  • Project Date
    january 2022
  • Project Link

With its new white appearance and new tenants, MULTI has been restored to its full glory and more. The inviting building now also has a strong sustainable character, is very accessible to the public and the open space around the building is given a public character. The former black box is transformed into an urban space exchanger, a catalyst for the pedestrian zone and a connector for the public spaces in the area. MULTI is the first carbon neutral office building in Brussels and it is also completely fossil free. But most of all an enormous amount of attention was paid to circularity with a focus on the reuse of existing materials. This was initially done by preserving most of the building and renovating it. No less than 87% of existing materials could be retained: the structure, but also various materials that were used elsewhere in the project. Next to that materials were also extracted from other projects through urban mining. In the end 89% of all material in the building was circular/re-used and with the 11% added new materials the building was enlarged with almost 20%. A truly livable and lovable building that makes people smile and contributes to a happy planet!

CONIX RDBM Architects was founded by Christine Conix, Jorden Goossenaerts and Frederik Jacobs. The studio has a team of 65 people operating from offices in Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Every project is unique so we never focus on a specific building typology. Our extensive portfolio therefore includes projects in all sectors of the built environment including interior design and urban planning. We create architecture that offers added value to its users as well as to society as a whole. Our designs must be functional, flexible and aesthetic, for now and for the future.

Other prizes
2023 RES AWARD 2022 Winner in the category ‘Commercial real estate’ 2022 BELGIAN CONSTRUCTION AWARDS 2022 Winner of the ‘Climate Future Construction Project Award’ CIRCUBUILD AWARD Winner of the ‘Circubuild-award’ 2019 DVDA AWARD Winner of 'The most beautiful building in Zeeland’ 2018 BIM AWARDS 2018 MULTI, Brussels Bronze in the category ‘Industrial, tertiary or residential projects’ ICONIC AWARD INNOVATIVE ARCHITECTURE Kreon wins the Iconic award, Innovative architecture 2017 BIM-TEAM, WINNER OF THE AWARD ARCHITECTS@WORKS O'Sea, Ostend and London Tower, Antwerp 2016 CHRISTINE CONIX, TITLE OF LAUREATE OF WORK FOR INNOVATION Honoured by being awarded the Laureate of Work for Architecture. Gold symbol of honour, recognised for having the highest level of professional knowledge and for her expertise 2012 I²C AWARD Zoniën Residential care center, Tervuren 1st place audience award category 'Concept' 2010 I²C AWARD Meerminne Residential care center, Mortsel 1st professional jury category 'Concept' ARCHITECTURAL PRICE CITY OF ELSENE Mercelis I An honorable mention ARCHIZINC TROPHEE Umicore The special price for technical performance IPB CHALLENGE Workshops for part time art education 1st price in the category school buildings 2009 VTDV BOUWAWARD De Wingerd Residential care center 1st price BELGIAN PRICE FOR ARCHITECTURE AND ENERGIE Seamco 1st in the category GOOD DESIGN AWARDS CX - Bath series Selected (en collaboration avec Duscholux / Domovari) 2008 PRICE FOR ARCHITECTURE BRUSSELS – HORTA Atomium Esplanade 2007 NVTG BOUWAWARD Hooge Platen' Residential care center LEAF AWARDS (LEADING EUROPEAN ARCHITECT FORUM) STAALBOUWWEDSTRIJD (INFOSTEEL) Atomium Exterior 1st price in the category renovation 2004 IF DESIGN AWARD ETAP 1st price (in collaboration with Enthoven Associates) 1993 BELGIAN ARCHITECTURAL AWARDS House Cogels Osylei Press award