Sumu Yakushima "Regenerative architecture and life studio"

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Sustainable and Energy Saving
  • Company/Firm
    tono Inc.
  • Lead Designer
    Tsukasa Ono
  • Design Team
    Moss guide club/ WAKUWORKS
  • Architect
    tono Inc.
  • Interior Designer
    tono Inc.
  • Const. Company
    Mocchom create
  • Photographer Credit
    Rui Nishi/ Hinano Kimoto/ Wataru Aoyama
  • Location
    Yakushima island Kagoshima Japan
  • Client
    Sumu Yakushima
  • Project Date
    May 2022
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Yakushima Island is a natural paradise in southern Japan.
This innovative housing applies "regenerative architecture" to reconceptualize the relationship between human habitation and this nature. The name Sumu means both "to live" and "to become clear," expressing its core concept of living in a way that positively impacts the landscape.
Rather than being a discrete site, the design takes a holistic view of the entire river basin, from the mountains to the sea, making a positive contribution to natural processes.
It applies "regenerative architecture," a new approach developed that combines traditional Japanese civil engineering with contemporary technology.
The key considerations in the design are:
1. Designing the underground environment
2. Orientating buildings based on in-depth understanding of water and air flows through the landscape
3. Creating an ongoing connection with nature through architecture
4.Off-grid energy from solar power
5. Several separate buildings layout respects the original natural elements.

Sumu's design changes our relationship with nature. Its unique approach has the potential to accelerate environmental initiatives if more widely applied.

"tono" is a word that means "with" or "relationship" in Japanese.
We will create a good relationship between nature and people through buildings.
Humans are a kind of microbes that live on this earth. If the earth of this planet is kept healthy by microorganisms, what can humans do? And what can architecture and spatial design contribute to Based in Yakushima Japan,
We design "Regenerative Architecture" which enriches the environment by utilizing the fungi found in the soil.

We are a regenerative architectural design office “tono”.

by Bacteria Architect Tsukasa Ono

Other prizes
iF design award 2023 GOLD award DFA Design for Asia 2023 Grand award Architizer A+Awards 2023 Jury award The Kukan design award 2023 Gold award ADF design award 2023 encouragement award Kids design award 2022 Wood design award 2022 Kmew design award 2022 Interior industry contest 2022 Grand prize Display Industry award 2022