• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Sustainable and Energy Saving
  • Company/Firm
    Oxo Architectes
  • Lead Designer
    Manal Rachdi
  • Architect
    Oxo Architectes
  • Photographer Credit
    Sergio Grazia
  • Location
    Marseille, France
  • Client
    Nexity Apollonia
  • Project Date
    2023 (Phase 1)

In the heart of the 8th district of Marseille, Art'chipel is a natural oasis with a very rich vegetal heritage within an inhabited territory. The balance between human and nature is the basis of our project. Art'chipel will perfectly and sustainably fit into the urban silhouette of the district, respecting the existing biodiversity, while being resolutely turned towards the future: innovative solutions for a development of better living, individual and collective. We propose a project that has included in its DNA a future mutability and a certain transformation in order to adapt to future practices and needs. Our project reflects a succession of buildings that merge into the landscape, its morphological design allows for both sun protection and natural cooling of each dwelling to avoid the systematic use of air conditioning in hot southern climates. This results in a significant energy saving at the project scale. All the apartments are built on the same principles: flexibility, natural light and outdoor spaces - as we wanted to create a link between the private and the common, spaces of intimacy and places that encourage exchange and sharing in an exceptional living environment.