Suspended Cave

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Landscape
  • Company/Firm
    Non-standard architecture
  • Lead Designer
    Jinsong Zhao
  • Design Team
    Ren Ke, Lin Yanan
  • Project Link

Reconnect a mountain destroyed by a road with a suspended cave to stitch up the wounds of the mountains on both sides, establish a magical relationship with the road, and create a unique spatial experience when crossing. Restoring the barren mountains that were originally destroyed by urban construction into a futuristic landscape art that seemed like an outsider, while providing fantastic visual images, it also created magical and wonderful recreational spaces. The connection of multiple circular spheres is like a floating balloon park embedded in the mountains. When people walk in, it feels like they have entered another cosmic space-time, losing gravity and direction, Full of fantastical imagination.
This design provides two perspectives for the city's landscape use. In terms of urban road use, it is a huge land landscape art that repairs broken mountains; From the perspective of tourists, this is a fantastic recreational space embedded in a mountain park, full of a unique experience of floating through.