Beach Club at The Sanya EDITION

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Small Architecture
  • Company/Firm
    Various Associates
  • Lead Designer
    Qianyi Lin, Dongzi Yang
  • Design Team
    Jianpeng Liu, Zhichao Lin, Yue Zhang, Shiqi Li
  • Architect
    Various Associates
  • Interior Designer
    Various Associates
  • Photographer Credit
  • Location
    The Sanya EDITION, Haitang Bay, Sanya, China
  • Client
    The Sanya EDITION
  • Project Date

"Under the Tree" is the design concept of the project. It conveys the design team's intention to create a comfortable, unrestrained space. The continuous bamboo-woven structures consist of five overlapping tree-like canopies with different heights and forms. Their organic and natural curved profiles merge beautifully into the lush nature.

The structures are designed at lowered heights where the guests can use the canopies as a perfect background for photo taking. A main bar counter is set up at the center of the site in the shape of a giant trunk, generating a circulation around the bar so that the bartenders can better capture the needs of guests.

The material selection emphasizes not only textures, but also the quality of being nature-friendly. Natural bamboo and wood build up the structures, and recycled pebble-wash creates warm, textured pavements, all of which contribute to a sustainable design project committed to environmental protection.