Helio Hut

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Small Architecture
  • Company/Firm
    Su Chang Design Research Office
  • Lead Designer
    Su Chang
  • Design Team
    Su Chang, Lam Hin Fung Sherman, Lam Yu Sze
  • Location
  • Project Date
    2023 summer

Helio Hut is an urban canopy for the experience of thermal delight. Located in Logroño’s Parque Felipe VI, the design is based on the idea that architectural environments can arouse in the public a desire for comfort and pleasure, exploration and participation. The roof geometries allow the warm morning sun to transmit through the canopy while blocking the hot afternoon sun, creating a series of microclimates under the roof with mediated levels of comfort throughout the day. Its ever-changing pattern of shadows gives another layer of tactility to the space. The goal is to experiment with the potential of using the environment’s thermal comfort as a tool to invite public participation and exploration, creating a direct, tangible, and experiential connection between the human body and the urban environment.

Learning from local crafting techniques, the weaving angles of the esparto structure are mediated so that each segment of the woven structures can respond to specific sun angles. The woven materials are dyed with different colors to modulate heat absorption, make visible the radiation intensity, and enhance the vibrancy of the park.