Hotel Avándaro

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Restoration and Renovation
  • Company/Firm
    Chain + Siman and Modo Manera
  • Lead Designer
    Renatta Chain and Lina Siman
  • Design Team
    Modo Manera
  • Architect
    Chain + Siman and Modo Manera
  • Interior Designer
    Chain + Siman
  • Lighting Designer
    Chain + Siman and Modo Manera
  • Const. Company
    Chain + Siman
  • Photographer Credit
    Rafael Gamo and Celia Rojo
  • Location
    Valle de Bravo
  • Client
  • Project Date

Hotel Avándaro's renovation responded to the need for clear space distinction among its diverse clientele. Previously, a mix of conventioneers, regular guests, and clubhouse members shared spaces, leading to confusion. The redesign now allocates specific areas, catering to each group's needs. Architecturally, the challenge was merging the hotel’s varied history with modern design. Elements like sloping roofs and wooden beams were retained but updated.

Environmental considerations were paramount. Instead of extensive demolition, restoration was prioritized, reducing waste. The hotel also integrated energy-efficient technology, with solar panels addressing some energy needs. Water conservation, through measures like rainwater harvesting, became another focus.

Local materials feature prominently in the redesign, allowing the hotel to blend seamlessly with its urban surroundings and natural backdrop. Commitment to locality, combined with improved guest experiences and sustainable practices, positions the project as a leader in hospitality. Its transformation, from 12 initial cabins to its current state, highlights a balance between respect for history and vision for the future.