Kunshan Biotechnology Industrial Park

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Mixed-Use building
  • Company/Firm
    Non-standard architecture
  • Lead Designer
    Jinsong Zhao
  • Design Team
    Ren Ke, Lin Yanan
  • Project Link

The biotechnology industrial park abandons traditional decentralized office building planning and instead adopts an overall architectural design that efficiently aggregates the same function. The public service functions are gathered at the central level to form a service core ring, and the interior of it is a camera space specifically designed for the era of social media. Taking inspiration from biological microfibers, create an open and flowing photography garden. The service ring and lens space form the core system of the park, like a huge magnet, attracting all the surrounding single module office buildings to the center, connecting them into veins, and growing into branches. The office space is staggered and stacked to form a roof garden. The ground floor is overhead, and the traffic core is separately landed to form the entrance exhibition hall of each office group, forming a display system together with the central exhibition hall. The entire park building is concentrated towards the center, and the green space is concentrated around. Green is greener, dense is denser, together forming an efficient industrial park system that maximizes the coexistence of office and garden.