Oratorio NSM

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Religious and Spiritual
  • Company/Firm
    Jose Lombana Arquitectos
  • Lead Designer
    Jose Lombana
  • Architect
    Jose Lombana Arquitectos
  • Interior Designer
    Jose Lombana Arquitectos
  • Lighting Designer
    Jose Lombana Arquitectos
  • Const. Company
    Jose Lombana Arquitectos
  • Photographer Credit
    Diana Arnau, Arturo Arrieta
  • Location
    Mexico City
  • Client
    Colegio Northridge
  • Project Date

This religious project in Mexico City it´s located in a Catholic elementary school for children is simple but elegant, reflecting in its design and materiality, the values promoted by this place of prayer; it also highlights the light as a symbolic element and protagonist over the simplicity of the environment.

The purpose of this design is to dialogue in a more contemporary way with the youth of the school, seeking to attract them to spirituality in a space full of peace and a very human scale that invites reflection.

The facade of this one is in perfect divine proportion since the entrance is in a ratio of thirds with respect to the whole volume.

The enclosure is bathed with zenithal light thanks to double walls that function as a suspended inscribed cube, creating a perimeter span, reinterpreting a baldachin of an ancient catholic temple, generating a change of proportions and chiaroscuro.

This project combines in an elegant, discreet, and very respectful way, materials, textures, lighting, and scales, to achieve a comfortable and introspective experience, providing the necessary mysticism to the space so that the youth who attend the building feel closer to God.