Chapel Robiano

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Heritage
  • Company/Firm
    aNNo architects, with support of Triconsult (structural engineer) & Ingenium (technical engineer)
  • Lead Designer
    Stijn Cools
  • Design Team
    Sofie De Ridder, Elisabeth Lehouck
  • Architect
    aNNo architects
  • Interior Designer
    aNNo architects
  • Lighting Designer
    aNNo architects
  • Const. Company
    Profiel bv, DomusArte, De Vos, Stekt, Aletta Rambaut and Atelier Mestdagh
  • Photographer Credit
    Stijn Bollaert
  • Location
    Hertenbergstraat 6-12, 3080 Tervuren
  • Client
    NV Sas Institute Sa
  • Project Date
    march 2022

In 1994, SAS Institute - American leader in business intelligence and analytical software and services - bought the castle de Robiano. This castle site dates with certainty back to the 14th century and includes an eclectically inspired castle and a neo-Romanesque chapel. Until 1994, the site was used as a Children's Colony. After a complete restoration, SAS integrates its offices into the castle in 1997. The neo-Romanesque chapel wasn't part of this restoration. After years of abandonment, SAS decided in 2009 to restore the chapel to its former glory. First, the roofs got restored, including the reconstruction of the 19th century tower, based on drawings and in close collaboration with tower builders. Afterwards the facade got purposefully preserved without major reconstructions or stone replacements. After a total renovation, the 19th century ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ was restored. In the interior, the richly decorated interiors by top German artist, who were hidden for decades under a thick layer of yellow paint become visible again. The chapel becomes a treasure for all heritage enthusiasts.

aNNo is a team of (restoration) architects and interior designers united by the passion for built heritage. Our mission is to make existing buildings futueproof. aNNo distinguishes itself from other firms by its focus on design research. It's not only about the restoration of matter, it's about giving the building a new place in its social context and society. The architectural design starts from the analysis of the existing. aNNo assumes a constructive yet critical attitude towards the heritage value. We look for the memory of the place. We don't use heritage as a label but as a quality.

Other prizes
2017: Publica Awards; project ‘Batterij Aachen’ (nomination) 2019: BIS Architectuurwedstrijd; project ‘Hof ter Beemt’ (laureate) 2019: Architectuurprijs Leuven; project ‘Hoekhuis O’ (nomination) 2019: Onroerend erfgoedprijs (heritage award); project ‘Hof ter Beemt’ (laureate) 2020: DEZEEN Awards; project ‘Batterij Aachen’ longlisted for small building award 2020: Built environment Cabe Award; project ‘Douaneloods Essen’ (laureate) 2022: Belgian Building Award: project ‘Douaneloods Essen’ (nomination) 2022: European Heritage Awards / Europa Nostra Awards; project ‘Batterij Aachen’ (laureate)