Wildflower Farms

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Hospitality
  • Company/Firm
    Electric Bowery
  • Lead Designer
    Cayley Lambur & Lucia Bartholomew
  • Design Team
    Staver Gray and Christie Ward
  • Architect
    Electric Bowery
  • Interior Designer
    Ward and Gray
  • Lighting Designer
    Reveal Design Group
  • Const. Company
    PC Construction
  • Photographer Credit
    Auberge Resorts Collection
  • Location
    Hudson Valley, New York
  • Client
  • Project Date
    September 2022

The architecture of Wildflower Farms is inspired by a long tradition of Swiss & Dutch design, tailored to the specific site and programmatic requirements. With a more modern take on the vernacular building typologies of farmhouse and barn, the buildings were designed to frame the surrounding mountains, nestled harmoniously into the site. The material palette is composed to create a more direct connection with nature and a rich backdrop for the thoughtfully curated interior design collection.

The architecture is designed to create an experiential narrative for guests to admire the stunning views of the Shawangunk Ridge upon arrival from the porch. The asymmetrical barn-style buildings evoke a cozy, eclectic feel. The architects transformed a tree nursery, celebrating the land and fostering a seamless connection with nature. Inspired by California, the material selection goes beyond traditional architecture. The lobby resembles a potting shed, encouraging exploration. The cabins offer privacy and scenic views, with a nature-inspired color palette. Over 450 custom-designed items enhance the space, featuring vintage-inspired patterns from the 60s and 70s, like corduroy and stripes.