• Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Hospitality
  • Company/Firm
    Fununit Design
  • Lead Designer
    Zhu Xiaochen
  • Design Team
    Brand Visual Design,Panorama Design Yu Xin Wu Xiaoxian Hu, Landscape Consultant, July Cooperative
  • Architect
    Fununit Design Chai Erhuan Feng Yeqing
  • Interior Designer
    Fununit Design Chen Lin Li Jiajun Wu Yu Xin Yu Jinjin Weng Liangliang
  • Const. Company
    Hangzhou Dianchang Decoration Design & Engineering Co.
  • Photographer Credit
    Shi Zheng Ao Guan Architectural Vision
  • Location
    Anji, Zhejiang
  • Project Date

The story of "SHANAN" begins in the depths of the bamboo sea in the Shenwang Line in the town of Bianfu, Anji Mountain, with a view of the whole area of verdant and undulating mountains. The altitude here is the highest, the view is wide and unobstructed, as if heaven and earth are connected as one, the green hills are like a sea, the color of the mountains is like emerald, just like a peaceful and natural landscape painting. This mountain, bamboo, water, fog, birdsong, air in front of us, brings an unprecedented feeling of the previous old houses and old houses, and now the guests come from afar.
Three old houses scattered in a staggered way in the old house is located on the hillside, one brick structure, two wooden rammed earth house, the old house is surrounded by rich and diverse climate, wood and bamboo lush, a mountain view in the distance, which is the treasure of the whole design. I remember that when the manager of SHANAN invited us here for the first time, he told us about their business philosophy: mountains and water, trees and stones, all in one, full of paintings.