Residential barn in a hamlet zone, Reppischtal, Zurich

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    BE ARCHITEKTUR GMBH; Boris Egli dipl. Architekt FH REG A SIA
  • Lead Designer
    BE ARCHITEKTUR GMBH; Boris Egli dipl. Architekt FH REG A SIA
  • Architect
    BE ARCHITEKTUR GMBH; Boris Egli dipl. Architekt FH REG A SIA
  • Lighting Designer
    Lichtblick AG
  • Photographer Credit
    Vito Stallone
  • Location
  • Project Date

Around 15 buildings form a hamlet zone in a rural, mainly agricultural setting. This new home in the hamlet feels obliged to honor the area’s historical context. Typical barn characteristics were taken up and reinterpreted in a modern way. From a distance, the residence discreetly blends into its rustic surroundings.
The building responds to the topography of the site. The ground floor is arranged in a series of levels at different heights to follow the existing slope.
A barn is typically used for storage and as a workroom for agricultural production. Although this new building is not a depository, its rooms - bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, etc. - are “stored” within it as closed volumes and are figuratively stacked on top of one another. This “stacking” creates a sculptural interior, a positive spatial volume within the building. A negative volume forms around these stacks, comprising a landscape of open living spaces that are interconnected vertically and horizontally. A generous interior unfolds with a sense of endless expanse.
The new home enters into a thematic dialogue with the surrounding agricultural buildings for a unique interpretation of the vernacular barn typology.

Architecture, the art of building, and philosophy combine atmospherically into a sustainable, functional whole.


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Other prizes
-Best Architects 24 Award, Winner -Iconic Awards 2023, Innovative Architecture, Winner -The 11th Annual Architizer A+Awards 2023 01.05.2023: One of five finalists in the Private House (S) category, from projects in over 90 countries around the world 31.05.2023: The Architizer A+Awards Jury Winner in the Private House (S) category -Häuser des Jahres 2023, Nominiert für die Preisverleihung Herbst 2023 -DSM 2023 Architecture Awards, Nomination -Swiss Kitchen Award 2023, die 8 schönsten Küchen der Schweiz 2023 -Award Schweizer Preis für Putz und Farbe 2023