Modular House in Masnou

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    Casas Inhaus
  • Lead Designer
    Casas inHAUS
  • Architect
    Casas Inhaus
  • Interior Designer
    Casas Inhaus
  • Const. Company
    Casas Inhaus
  • Photographer Credit
    Eugeni Pons
  • Location

Many architects have approached industrialisation through the history of contemporary architecture. Nowadays, the technological advances of stronger and lighter materials finally make it possible for industrialised high-end architecture, with full creative freedom, to become a reality. This house is an example of turnkey solutions, respectful of the environment and with an integral management that guarantees deadlines and closed prices. Homeowners and architects can truly demand a bespoke home with the convenience of modular build practices.
A design that has been materialised inspired by the modern and timeless style that its owners were looking for. On a plot with a certain unevenness and beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea, this custom-made 2-storey house is located. The volume of the house closes on its rear façade, which overlooks the public access road, and opens the views of all the rooms towards the sea. The large glass panels allow the spaces to establish a harmonious dialogue with the environment and blur the boundaries between interior and exterior. Just walk through the door entrance to the house, we are greeted by a large patio flooded with natural light.

At inHAUS, one of the leading companies in the sector of the sale of prefabricated concrete houses, we are known for always offering a quality service focused on satisfying the needs and tastes of each individual client.

Other prizes
IF Design Awards, Iconic Awards - Innovative Architecture - German Design Council, Offsite Awards, Quality Innovation Award, World of Modular Awards, Luxury Lifestile Awards