Digging for Light (Qanat Villa Oasis)

  • Prize
    Winner in Architectural Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    Kalbod Design Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Mohamad Rahimizadeh
  • Design Team
    Hosein Roasaei, Pegah Samei, Ziba Baghban, Farnaz Ejlali, Ghazaleh Eskandari, Mahdi Jam
  • Architect
    Kalbod Design Studio
  • Location
    Yazd, Iran
  • Project Date

Digging for Light or Digging for life
Qanats, landscape, earth, ancient building techniques, and historic references gradually formed our ideas. The home takes its orientation from its adjacent ancient castle and is sunken underground with the rest of the composition to minimize the thermal exchange between outside and inside.
In the home, spaces are illuminated by either direct or indirect light. Direct lights entering from domes or glass pools are all skylights. The shape and size of domes and their position differ in various ways creating a different atmosphere at any time of the day. The thin layer of water moving with the wind and always being in motion cast an enigmatic shadow/illumination on the yard beneath it.
Each garden has its domed skylight. These gardens also house fireflies creating a habitat that is beneficial to humans. Yazd alleys inspired the school’s sunken pathway to create shade, thermal comfort, and rhythmic play with light and shadow.

Founded in 2016 by Mohamad Rahimizadeh, Kalbod Design Studio has designed and implemented many projects, from villas to residential complexes and medical, educational, and cultural buildings varying in scale from low-rise affordable homes to grand skyscrapers and artificial islands.

Other prizes
- The Sandstorm Absorbent Skyscraper project was announced as the winner in the Future Project category of CTBUH Awards 2023 - Kalbod Design Studio has been announced as the 2023 Emerging Architect Firm of the Year by the middle east architect leader awards - Sandstorm absorbent skyscraper, digging for light and Dubai healthcare city won prizes in WAFX 2023