International cutting-edge school in Dubai

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    Winner in Architectural Design - Institutional
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    Archid Studio
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The four-story school building, spanning an area of 25,000 square meters, is designed to cater to 1750 pupils, featuring separate entrances to distinguish between the flows of different age groups. Additionally, the school encompasses a kindergarten and boarding facilities to comfortably accommodate 60 students for overnight stays.

The design creates an inspiring and attractive atmosphere where children's boundless imagination blossoms and emotional intelligence develops, perfectly aligning with the needs of modern education.
The school zoning features "cores" with public function, such as atriums, amphitheaters, sports zones, and workshops, while classrooms are spanning along the building's perimeter.

All spaces within the school are versatile and adaptable. For instance, the amphitheater serves more than just a venue for large events and mass activities. It is also designed to facilitate smaller group collaborations, communication, and fun on a daily basis.

Climate adaptation is prioritized in the project, with a parametric sun-considerating facade and self-shaded courtyards, ensuring comfortable and energy-efficient environments.

IND, founded in 2008, is an international architectural bureau with a branch office in Dubai, engaged in the design of residential and public buildings, educational and social projects,urban planning projects, and the renovation and redevelopment of industrial facilities worldwide. With an impressive portfolio of over 100 projects of various typologies, IND has received numerous prestigious architecture and design awards and diplomas.
IND carefully studies each country, its context, history, and culture to offer best aesthetical, functional and sustainable solutions in their projects.

Other prizes
• 2018. WAF 2018. Shortlisted in the Future Projects category. Maple Boulevard subway station. • 2018. WAF 2018. Shortlisted in the Future Projects category. Redevelopment project of the Water Tower in Shcherbinka. • 2019. Boghossian Foundation urbanlab. Short-list of the Open International Competition for the redevelopment of the NPAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Yerevan. • 2020. Millenium Kaifeng creative Shuang Long. 1st place for the project "Shuanglong Lane Immersive Theatre "Hidden dragon". • 2020. Sichuan Yifang Cultural Tourism co. LTD. 1st place in Xingfu village Pan-Museum competition. • 2020 WAF China 2020. Audience Award. Immersive Theater Project in Kaifeng City