Vintage flair

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Apartment
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Andrey Shulepov
  • Interior Designer
    Andrey Shulepov
  • Location
    Georgia, Tbilisi

This apartment was designed for renting out on Airbnb, so our task was to set it apart from other properties in Tbilisi with a touch of vintage charm.
Local flavor manifests itself in colors, textures and details. These immerse you in the indigenous cozy ambience. At the same time the flat looks fresh and contemporary due to implementation of original solutions.
In the kitchen-living room the eye is drawn to the ornament of two-tone parquet on which there is an ascetic kitchen with an extraordinary floor faucet and an unusual dining group, including Artek stools, a chair by French designer Pierre Chapo and an author's wooden table.
The concept of the kitchen-living room is supported by the upholstery of a modern-shaped sofa, reminiscent of a tapestry with a floral pattern, an armchair by the Swedish company Takt and a floating shelving unit.
In the bathroom we used natural stone for flooring, decorative plaster with a protecting coating for walls and wood as the main material for a sink.
A special place is occupied by unique lights. Floor and wall lamps were designed especially for this interior, together with a Flos lamp they create a welcoming and intimate atmosphere.

Anho studio is a professional team which creates design projects in their recognizable style. Throughout life, we receive unique personal experiences and inspirations and integrate them into our ever-evolving architectural language.We strive to create interiors that evoke emotions and give vivid impressions, filled not only with new interior stuff, but also with vintage items with an interesting history.Continuity in design, in our opinion, is a special tool for the cultural connection of different generations and epochs.