• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Apartment
  • Company/Firm
    Babayants Architects
  • Lead Designer
    Artem Babayants
  • Architect
    Babayants Architects
  • Interior Designer
    Babayants Architects
  • Photographer Credit
    Sergey Krasyuk
  • Location
    Moscow, Russia
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The starting point of the Sadovie Kvartali project was the bright space itself with high ceilings and a gorgeous panoramic view. Architects had to reveal and emphasize these advantages as much as possible. It was important to create a multi-scenario and multi-functional space without breaking it up or overloading it. In the project, every centimeter is used despite the general visual lightness.

The panoramic view with the sky, the lake, and the changing seasons becomes the protagonist, the observed picture while the interior is a worthy frame.

The apartment occupies an entire floor and was initially characterized by complex geometry with sharp corners. The architects built the layout so that this acute-angled contour was not felt anywhere.
A rich palette of natural materials was used in this project: wood, natural leather, brass, and stone. All cabinet furniture is made of ash veneer, tinted in a cold shade.
While working with materials, it was important to focus on the contrast of textures and shades. It's pleasant to tactilely feel the difference between warm leather, cold metal, textured wood, and stone.

We've been looking into contemporary architecture, interior, and design for 9 years.

We’re famous for being the main minimalists in Moscow. But for us, minimalism is as much artistic language as a way of perceiving the world and its beauty. There is a place only for essentials.

We live in the future trying to be ahead of time in each sketch. We set the goal to create something new and make a discovery in each project. We design the sensual experience, internality, and emotions.

Even in tough times, we believe that aesthetics is the core value of a human.

Other prizes
ADD Awards, 2022 BIF Awards, 2022 Premium Living, 2021 Premium Living, 2019 Rethinking the Future, 2019 BIF Awards, 2019 Golden Capital, 2019 ADD Awards, 2019