• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    ASAGGIO Architecture Gmbh
  • Lead Designer
    Arch. Gian Marco Giovanoli
  • Design Team
    Arch. Armin Sader, Arch. Francesco Butturini
  • Architect
    ASAGGIO Architecture Gmbh
  • Interior Designer
    ASAGGIO Architecture Gmbh
  • Lighting Designer
    Lichtstudio Project
  • Photographer Credit
    Konstantin Volkmar
  • Location
  • Client
  • Project Date

The former restaurant "Vallazza" was demolished and rebuilt as the new staff residence "Vallazza", a residential building for FORESTIS employees.
»The employees are the spearhead of the company.«
The basic idea for the design of the building was the spearhead, from which the gable roof and the pointed shape of the building were derived. Coming from the valley, this characterizes the appearance of the building. In the basement, a stone wall extends along the street. Through its simplicity and straightness, the building fits into the existing terrain and integrates harmoniously into the landscape.
In this way we managed to create an interaction between architecture and nature, a symbiosis between human activities and the environment.

ASAGGIO. The two architects met during their joint studies in Innsbruck and Florence. In 2012 they founded the architecture studio ASAGGIO, acronym of the two names and literal expression of their philosophy, embodied by an aesthetic-architectural concept as contemporary as it is shrewd. A mutual inspiration which, through the many projects carried out together, has evolved into a common path called ASAGGIO.

Other prizes
The Plan Award 2017 Holzbaupreis 2018 best architects 2018 German Design Award 2019 German Design Award 2020 German Design Award 2021 Iconic Award 2021 The Plan Award 2021 (shortlisted) German Design Award 2022 The Plan Award 2022 (Honorable Mention) Luxury Lifestyle Award 2022 German Design Award 2023 BLT Built Design Awards 2022 (Winner) BLT Built Design Awards 2022 (Honorable Mention) BIG See Architecture Awards 2023 (Winner + Grand Prix Winner) BIG See Interior Design Awards 2023 (Winner) Architizer A+ Awards 2023 (Popular Choice Winner)