Let's Pleasure

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    SimpleUtmost Design
  • Lead Designer
    Chien Yu Liu
  • Interior Designer
    Chien Yu Liu
  • Photo Credit
    SimpleUtmost Design
  • Location
    Zhubei City,Taiwan
  • Client
    Yeh's Residence
  • Project Date
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The couch and the cat gallery in the air are designed to form two axes.Combining the pet swing and the cat jumping platform, the cat's play area is constructed, and the life is focused on this window view instead of the previous concept of the TV wall as the main view.

In terms of space use,an island-shaped work table is designed, with glass sliding doors to transform the kitchen and living room into a flexible open kitchen space.Satisfy the owner's love for baking and cooking, and the use needs of WorkFromHome.

Considering that the public area is completely dependent on the living room lighting, the design team removed the original secondary bedroom partition wall and built a boundary with the wardrobe in the dressing room to increase the depth of the living room. At the same time, the air-conditioning outdoor unit was deliberately changed from the balcony of the living room to the window sill of the master bedroom, just to present the most perfect window view.

The light-colored base extracted from cultural stone and the warm tone of oak enrich the visual level.Decorate with lamps, wall clocks and other accessories of the same color to create a spacious and bright living space.

Other prizes
IF DESIGN AWARD / Interior Architecture / FINALIST ASIA DESIGN PRIZE / Space Design / FINALIST Architecture & Design Collection Awards / Apartment Medium Interior Design Built / GOLD WINNER MUSE Design Awards Interior Design / Interior Design -Kitchen / GOLD WINNER MUSE Design Awards Interior Design / Interior Design -Sustainable Living&Green / SILVER WINNER MUSE Design Awards Interior Design / Interior Design - Residential / SILVER WINNER NY Product Design Awards / SILVER WINNER TAIWAN GOOD DESIGN / Residential Multi-storey /FINALIST SBID Design Awards / Interior Design / FINALIST SBID Design Awards / Kitchen Product Design / FINALIST