Shanghai Yingtingming villa single family villa

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Residential
  • Company/Firm
    Tan Zhuo&Cai JingXia
  • Lead Designer
    Tan Zhuo&Cai JingXia
  • Location
    Shanghai, China

He case is located in Shanghai, which is a gift from a father to his daughter for her 28th birthday. The owner BONNY is a beauty blogger with millions of fans. On the Internet, she is a passionate and unrestrained girl from Northeast China, but in reality, she is actually a delicate and gentle girl with artistic taste.
BONNY: "This is my own world. I hope it will be a home that fully satisfies my romantic fantasy and expresses my attitude towards life. I like the complicated and gorgeous French decorative patterns, the collision of ultra-modern and simple home life style, plus appropriate artistic presentation."
Designer: "OK".
Classical techniques and modernist facade interventions. To shape the ritual sense of space in the form of middle axis symmetry, it brings order, security and harmony of space.
The vertical construction removes the overly artificial sense of ritual, thus forming a new facade with multiple elements. Implement every major space.
Multiple textures create a rich sense of volume on the facade and top, but we wanted to express it in a restrained way.
The vertical stripes are derived from the combination of 112 tree trunks burned in Zumthor's church with concrete.