Bakerbaker, seoul

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Commercial
  • Company/Firm
    Oftn Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Jinsoo Kim
  • Design Team
    Suji Kim, Yejin Park
  • Architect
    Oftn Studio
  • Interior Designer
    Suji Kim
  • Lighting Designer
    Suji Kim
  • Const. Company
  • Photographer Credit
    Yongjoon Choi
  • Location
  • Client
  • Project Date
    2023 Mar.

Baker Baker is a space that gathers, communicates, and connects people gathered with a common interest of bread.
The project was inspired by the square, encouraged everyone to participate, even in a passive way, and planned to be a vibrant space by lengthening their stay.
Both the outside and inside, the customer's movement line and the employee's movement line were made into a flexible boundary area to be opened and invited to experience and participate in the brand.
By expressing the elements of bread with various sensory cognitive elements, various experiences and communities were activated
I wanted to create a variable and empty space filled with people and stories.
By emphasizing the primitive properties of materials such as concrete and wood as much as possible, a comfortable atmosphere was created, and naturalness could be expressed without being processed.
It uses physical properties that can preserve old beauty even after a while, not a smooth and shiny style, and makes it a space where you can feel the flow of time such as season and weather.