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With a new concept of urban unit, integrating the unique mode of "TOD station-city integration + PARK urban oasis + CORNICHE urban waterfront", presenting an epoch-making new urban centre. It redefines the face of contemporary living, connects the mobility of landscape, architecture and interior, and presents the expression of life belonging to this city. THE UP CITY is not only a future community based on TOD, but also a new urban ecosystem.
ENJOYDESIGN will integrate urban genes and natural environment into the community from the perspective of indoor public space planning, inject real business atmosphere and trend culture through the joining of the designer brand Café NICONI, and attract the young community to root in this soil to create a new urban ecosystem through a diversified lifestyle such as socialising, card-carrying, exhibitions, skateboarding and bazaars, so as to let the residents return to nature and build up a new city ecosystem in an ideal way. Return to nature and establish a connection with nature in an ideal way.

Other prizes
2020 Kapok China Design Award Interior Design Supreme Award 2019-2020 40 UNDER 40 China Outstanding Design Youth Award 2019 Guanghua Longteng Award-Top Ten Outstanding Young People in China's Decorative Design Industry 2020 Singapore SIDA Award Gold Award 2019 U.S. AMP Master Architect Award Commercial Space Award 2019 Italy A'DESIGN AWARD International Grand Prize 2019 U.S. IDA Design Award, Interior Design Exhibition Space Gold Award 2018-2019 Real Estate Design Awards Excellence Award 2018 British FX International Interior Design Awards