Forest of Blocks

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Other Interior Designs
  • Company/Firm
    Urbancarve Architects Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Fang Wei, Shao Jiun Fu
  • Architect
    Urbancarve Architects Firm
  • Interior Designer
    Urbancarve Architects Firm

Nestled between busy expressways and construction sites, and adjacent to the old industrial town, "Forest of Blocks" is a quiet, bustling forest of pure white and pink green; the beveled roof, like a building block, cleverly combines the function of advertising exterior wall, so that the traffic flow on expressway can clearly see the reception center, and also let the years static good atmosphere and advertising benefits not only one choice, but through the creative design, to make both.

It takes more than noisy self-promotion to make a reception center successful. Located in a block with few open spaces, "Forest of Blocks" makes full use of its wide features, retaining nearly 10 meters of green belt outside the 111-meter-long building volume. It also carefully sets up an atrium in the base, and sets up a parent-child play area. Through large floor-to-ceiling window, residents of the old city who walk here can easily see what is going on. It is not noisy but can naturally attract the eyes of nearby residents, and also convey the image of home warmly.