Baiying Group Corporate Clubhouse

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Workplace / Office
  • Company/Firm
    Zoom Design
  • Lead Designer
    Xianting Pan
  • Design Team
    Jun Chen, Yiru Wang, Dongming Han, Yuling Liang, Yahui Zhou
  • Photographer Credit
    Haha Lu
  • Location
    Hangzhou, China
  • Client
    Baiying Group
  • Project Date

In this case, the original beams above the atrium were complex and messy, conflicted with the mood of the whole space. So the designers only keep the horizontal beams, and use a curved shape to mimic the abstract form of the ridge. With these efforts, the structural beauty is thus demonstrated.

In the central area, a water garden is developed. A vibrant and gorgeous oriental scroll painting is framed by the circular corridor, artifacts, rock, light and shadow. The tearoom combines poetic charm with eastern culture. The free-flowing ink of the marble table, the thangka's brocade decoration and the hemp carpet's uneven seams are all lively together. In the dining area, the square and circle represent oriental themes, while the fireplace serves as a metaphor for modern forms. Besides, the president's office has a consistent spiritual rhythm that is unified by the virtue of self-control, and the heart of self-pleasure.

By doing so, with the graceful layout, the area is filled with a zen mood and poetic air, and the entire image mixes eastern appeal and elegance.