• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Workplace / Office
  • Company/Firm
    LB Design
  • Lead Designer
    Ben Ling
  • Design Team
    Liu Xingye,Wong Yihua,Zhong Qihui,Lu Jianpeng,Qiu Ting,Zou Yulin,Zhong Jianguo,Fu Le
  • Photographer Credit
    Q Studio
  • Location
  • Client
  • Project Date
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The project is located in the City CBD of Shenzhen, integrating business negotiation, enterprise office, sales exhibition and other functions. The design breaks traditional office boundary and creates a future oriented "aesthetic museum" Office center space.

LB Design integrates art into architecture, integrates design concept with the tonality of commercial complex, continues around vision, dynamic line, space, light and shadow, and culture, and uses simple design language to talk with business elites, enabling the client to make strategic layout for local economy.

The project successfully broken traditional boundaries of office to provide more space possibilities. Which also brings a new trend in overall plane planning?providing private spaces for individuals to retain their focus while planning semi public spaces to support team collaboration brought about by different tasks.

The whole space presents a pure state with elegant and dynamic curve language. The curves are in the form of arcs, intersecting with each other to create beautiful rhythms; The smooth lines of curved furniture complement the elegant interior lines, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation.