• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Workplace / Office
  • Company/Firm
    Galant I.D. Lda
  • Lead Designer
    Yaroslav Galant
  • Design Team
    Ilona Galant, Bogdan Vesna, Marina CG, Dmitriy Voinov
  • Lighting Designer
    Galant I.D. Lda
  • Photographer Credit
    Alexander Bogorodsky
  • Location
  • Client
    Brazy lda
  • Project Date

In the evolution of modern office spaces, Galant ID Studio offers its own vision of emotional comfort for employees and office visitors. With design as an extension of the surrounding nature and considering man as part of nature, we create a forward-looking concept of fashionable symbiosis and multidimensional free space from a societal perspective. . A new design concept has given a second life to a typical office space with white plasterboard walls and Armstrong ceilings.
Brazy is an entertainment, gaming, and esports company. Therefore, everything in the interior is aimed at creating a funky atmosphere with a green corporate colour.
A sunset-orange ceiling extends over the entire office space. Natural vertical gardens cutting through reflective ceramic wall panels aim to achieve a visually clean and sustainable space. A bar, designed in the form of a silver ocean wave, welcomes visitors and gradually sets the stage for the guest.
On the summer outdoor terrace, we see the continuation of the wave enveloping an imaginary surfer. The noise-absorbing carpet on the floor creates an association with green grass. The associative visual range of natural elements in the materials.


Other prizes
Muse design Award 2023 Platinum winner Build Architecture Award - Design of the year 2023 DNA Paris design Award - 2023 Winer Iconic Design Award 2023 - Winner Muse design Award 2022 Gold winner Muse design Award 2022 Gold winner Muse design Award 2022 Gold winner DNA Paris design Award - 2022 Winer Muse design Award 2021 Gold winner Muse design Award 2021 Gold winner DNA Paris design Award - 2021 Honorable Mention