• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Workplace / Office
  • Company/Firm
    Timemory design
  • Lead Designer
    Chia Wei Chang
  • Interior Designer
    Chia Wei Chang
  • Client
    Timemory design
  • Project Date

Timemory is a project that relies on the aspects from one's memories and time accrued from everyday use to create the design concept.
The combination of time-based inspiration for this space makes it feel like you're walking through your own personal timeline, which is further personalized through thoughtful implementation of green color palettes, marble stones, and directed natural lighting, connecting the users to the interior at a spiritual level.
To encourage creativity and innovation, the designers aimed to create an office space that is full of natural light.
A large floor-to-ceiling window brings in outdoor greenery while the metal shelving is implemented acting as a wall, storage space, and dividers - but also so they can be used for partitioning off areas with different functions depending on the client’s needs! The mirrored table legs give extra depth when viewing this long layout from every angle; making you feel comfortable while working towards stimulating new ideas within these spacious walls.