Xinglong Coffee · CP Industrial Park

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Public Building
  • Company/Firm
  • Lead Designer
    Ziyan Wang
  • Photographer Credit
  • Location
    Hainan, China

The project is located in Xinglong, Hainan, China, which is known as the world's leading coffee growing area. It has combined the coffee business with cultural experiences, R&D education, tourism resorts, and leisure activities.

You can become a one-day coffee master by selecting beans, tasting, grinding and brewing in a real-life interaction. To enhance your experience, Bean Coffee Land is designed for parent-child interaction.

The offline commercial models, such as training and competition, can be conducted on the second floor of the exhibition hall. Tables and chairs are placed in a variety of ways, to match the intended use of the space flexibly. This will significantly bolster the growth of the offline coffee economy.

Besides, the Coffee Cultural Center combines its history with modern aesthetics, passing on the memories of the time while reviving the new energy.

By doing so, the designers have linked commercial activities in each sector by dividing the many functional scenarios based on varied targeted clientele. In addition, they have used coffee as a vehicle to create a relaxing environment that will make visitors feel comfortable and happy to enjoy city life.