VILLA in Xitang Ancient Town

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Hospitality: Hotel and Resort
  • Company/Firm
    Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Wei Jinjing, Wei Yaocheng, Zhang Huichao
  • Photographer Credit
    Nature Times Art Design Co., Ltd
  • Location
    VILLA in Xitang Ancient Town
  • Client
    Xitang Zhilin Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
  • Project Date

The overlapping and staggered design expressions extend the linear and fluid setting, eliminating rigid visual separation. The reception area leverages the design concept “pavilion” for spatial planning and functional attributes. The two “pavilions” are like two boxes that overlap each other. The three sides of the external “pavilion” provide a view to the outside, which ensures the visual openness, with rich circulation routes around. At the center of the external “pavilion” stands an internal “pavilion”. A shallow “pool” is carved and set at the bottom of the internal “pavilion”, with ripples and reflection on the water surface.
The internal “pavilion” inside the reception area functions as a miniature art gallery, where only one painting is exhibited on the wall at a time. Distinct from conventional pavilions, it is isolated from outdoor noises, with a view to providing a tranquil spiritual experience. The gardening approaches from inside to outside are employed to create the spatial order. A large amount of transitional spaces play an indispensible role in producing the spatial atmosphere. The entrance achieves a subtle balance between “openness” and “closeness”, and utilizes a