Night of City

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Hospitality: Bar and Restaurant
  • Company/Firm
    JFR Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Jeffrey Zee
  • Interior Designer
    Jeffrey Zee, Kevin Liu, Rex Wang, Sara Shi, Tina Gao
  • Photographer Credit
    JFR Studio
  • Location
    Hangzhou, China
  • Client
    Night of City
  • Project Date
    June 2022

Located in the technologically vibrant city of Hangzhou, Night of City combines various design and construction technologies, artistic expressions, and multi-disciplinary collaborations to create transcendental experiences within the 6,300-square-meter venue.
The 46 generous, avant-garde VIP rooms combine live DJ, karaoke, gaming, dining, video, and performance arts all within the privacy and safety of individual spaces, a crucial consideration for the post-pandemic era.
Inspired by the concepts of astral traveling and alternate realities, NOC began as an ambitious manifestation of an immersive, surreal, multi-purpose nightlife entertainment concept.
After over 6 months of design and coordination with various consultants and a year of construction with regular on-site/online supervision, the client, various consultants, and construction teams collaborated seamlessly and completed the ambitious project. Since its opening in June 2022, NOC has quickly become one of the most popular entertainment venues among the trendy crowds in town. With consistent monthly sales figures at well over 2 million USD, NOC is yet another successful achievement by the client team and everyone involved.