• Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Hospitality: Bar and Restaurant
  • Company/Firm
    JFR Studio
  • Lead Designer
    Jeffrey Zee
  • Interior Designer
    Jeffrey Zee, Toby Tu, Trinkle Xu, Ben Fu, Dave Du, Tommy Gu, Colin Ling
  • Photographer Credit
    JFR Studio
  • Location
    Shenzhen, China
  • Client
  • Project Date
    NOV. 2022

Located in the Nanshan District of Shenzhen, the Silicon Valley of China, STONESL is a dining venue composed of an interior space of 850m2 and outdoor area of 450m2 with a total capacity of around 140 seats. In contrast to the fast-paced, tech-overload lifestyle, as perceptible by the monotonous glass-cladded building blocks, the establishment is inspired to create a refreshing yet nostalgic, authentic yet precise, audacious yet playful sanctuary experience for its guests.
Main design features include the double-height dry-aging room, the “octopus” translucent central bar, a generous open kitchen, a mezzanine wine showcase, 5 private VIP rooms and the main dining area with a ceiling height of 5 meters. To achieve the customized, genuine expression of all installations and materials, numerous pieces require specialized manufacturing techniques at specific facilities throughout the country.
New enterprises, especially in the tech industry, have attracted the young and trendy crowds demanding more diversified dining options around the city. STONESAL was then realized where the chef’s ingenious culinary creations and avant-garde design aesthetics come together to mesmerize every guest.