Everybodys Darling Day Bar

  • Prize
    Winner in Interior Design - Hospitality: Bar and Restaurant
  • Company/Firm
    The Black Square Vienna
  • Lead Designer
    Verena Hochrainer Klune
  • Design Team
    Harald Hochrainer Klune
  • Architect
    The Black Square Vienna
  • Interior Designer
    The Black Square Vienna
  • Const. Company
    Klune Raum
  • Photographer Credit
    Mato Johannik
  • Location
    Vienna, Austria
  • Client
    Sampa GmbH
  • Project Date

Creating timeless interior can be the most challenging tasks due to the fact that the current generation changes trends and styles within short periods of time.
Still places like this are being created, far away from the crowd and streams. They do not seek for attention, find their niche properly and settle subtile in the minds of the people to be remembered.
To create such a place was the main goal by our clients and the owners of the day bar “Everybodys Darling”.
Every surface was precisely selected, shaped with mind, and every line was created with the intention to complete the whole project.
The new concept of a daybar where the guest always has the feeling to be there at the right time of the day, no matter how late it is. The Interior matches the daytime perfectly. During the day the large windowfronts let sunlight in and during the night the famous Bocci Pendant lights illuminate the interior majestically turning from a brunch to a lunch to a bar hot spot within some glimpses.
From the wooden wallpanels, to the spotless pinkish ceiling to the soft and premium upholstery fabrics being used there is not a single spot that was not selected carefully. Design icons like the Bocc